I'm Shane Mahoney, and Mahoney + Company is my life's work.

In that work, I'm equal parts Strategist, Account Guy, and Project Manager.

I help my clients understand their customers, map multi-disciplinary strategies for growth and marketing, launch with their best foot forward and adapt to changing industries, technologies and trends. 

My first-ever job was in a restaurant, and in the three years I worked there, I had performed every job in the establishment, which taught me the skill to learn something about every aspect of the place. I’ve since put that curiosity and multi-disciplinary approach to use in every job I’ve had. Early in my career, my versatility as a marketer was put to the test in the pressure-cooker that is professional motor racing, where I had to constantly be learning how to listen and assess each of our sponsors’ businesses and priorities, then conceive and execute plans in collaboration with them, often on the fly.

Since then, my business acumen, ability to parse tons of information and act strategically on behalf of clients has grown out of the experiences I’ve had building and running agencies and getting my hands dirty with entities as diverse as hipster lifestyle automotive brands, first-time authors, cult breweries and a number of Fortune 500s.

Through it all though, I've applied my personality, marketing and business development skills and smarts to marketing problems in an interdisciplinary way - management, planning, administration and project execution. Always with a heaping dose of what the Aussies call graft. Midwesterners call it elbow grease. And my grandfather would have scoffed and just called it hard work.

I don't work in a typical corporate office for a number of reasons: I value my own autonomy greatly, find business casual apparel to be detrimental to my soul, and (to be honest) sometimes need to make a quick escape to take advantage of a powder day or a particularly great hatch. 

I write, too. Largely about the outdoors, diesel-swapped Land Cruisers, fishing and the pursuit of personal happiness. It's all here: https://thebigridiculous.com/

What problem can I solve for you?