I'm Shane Mahoney, and Mahoney + Company is my life's work.

It's the expression of my professional skillset, knowledge, experiences, humor, personality and intellect. 

The work that M+C tends to perform is of a marketing nature: strategy, communications, branding, website and application design and development, business development and relationship management. 

I like to think of my career path as being riverine; turning back on itself, changing constantly. Occasional cascades, back-eddies, slack sections and countless riffles. Over the years, I've worked with myriad colleagues, collaborators and clients - across such a wide variety of industries that it's difficult to remember them all. 

Through it all though, I've applied my personality, marketing and business development skills and smarts to marketing problems in an interdisciplinary way - management, planning, administration and project execution. Always with a heaping dose of what the Aussies call graft. Midwesterners call it elbow grease. And my grandfather would have scoffed and just called it hard work.

I don't work in a typical corporate office for a number of reasons: I value my own autonomy greatly, find business casual apparel to be detrimental to my soul, and (to be honest) sometimes need to make a quick escape to take advantage of a powder day or a particularly great hatch. 

But it's 2016 and distributed workforces are everywhere. The collective of designers, strategists, developers and creative production people with whom M+C collaborates are as geographically various as their musical tastes, and I'd have it no other way. My relationships and the combined hard-earned experiences and skills of my network, are what clients pay for. This approach also guarantees that nearly everywhere my business takes me, I've got a colleague or friend to share a beer with. And that's important to me. 

I write, too. Largely about the outdoors, big ridiculous trucks, fishing and the pursuit of personal happiness. It's all here: https://thebigridiculous.com/

What problem can I solve for you?